From the recording Junction City


The Carl Vinson
Copyright, 2014 Joe Beeler

It’s been six months since I left home and this last cruise has seemed twice as long.
At night in my bunk I think of home and you Mary.
You know that’s where I want to be, but I’ve got this job to do.

Cause I work the deck of the Carl Vinson – An E-6 now. Soon I’ll make 7.
I know a NAVY wife is dealt an unfair hand,
But wherever we go you know I love you and I’ll write you ever chance I can.

So how’s Katy? Send her love from her dad.
How are you my lady? I hope you’re not sad.

But if you are, I’ve got good news. We turned for home just yesterday
And in two weeks we’ll be in the USA, and in two weeks darling I’ll be home with you.
And the fifty seven hundred people who made up this wing and crew will go their own way.
But oh – oh I’ll remember them always.

Martinez sleeps in the bunk above me. Got a little baby boy he ain’t never got to see.
And Johnson, Johnson says this will be her last cruise.
Gonna try her hand at civilian life. Sometimes I wonder if I should to.

But I guess I’ll stay on the Carl Vinson. It’s in my blood. I’m a career man.
Like sailors of old, I love the ocean so blue,
but I’ll still drink a toast and celebrate when this trip is finally through.

And we’ll sin oh-oh blow the man down, oh-oh blow the man down, oh-oh blow the man,
oh-oh blow the man down. Blow us all back to where we belong.

The USS Carl Vinson is coming home! The men and women of the Carl Vinson are coming home!
We’re coming home! We’re coming home! Coming home!