From the recording Junction City


Will she be there
I’ve come a long long way from my tired old home. And though I pray, I can’t say. This choice I’ve made, it could be wrong. For I am trusting in a promise that she made me long ago. She’d meet me there, but it’s been years. Will she be there? I don’t know. But I am just a poor boy who works the fields he could never own. So to her word I have deferred. She is what I’m trusting on. So if I seem apprehensive surely you can understand this question that won’t leave me alone as we approach this foreign land. Will she be there? Will she be there? Will she be there? Who’s to know. The captain said we’re near now. I make my way up on the deck. And with straining eyes and a worried mind, I stare off toward the west. And there she stands in the distance just like she swore to me. And her torch it glows. And now I know that a man can trust in liberty. So if you feel apprehensive, believe me I can understand. And though he never will be perfect, this is still the promise land. And she’ll be there. She’ll be there. She’ll be there. And her words they ring true. They ring true.