First Fruits Project presents the good news of Jesus through original songs, the written word and clear preaching.  It is meant to be a self contained evangelism message that you can give to those who need Christ.  It is also a tool for funding missions.  All proceeds are split equally between three well established Christian missions.
Knox Area Rescue Ministries
Samaritan's Purse
The Bible League

You can order the album for $13 (Shipping included) here

If you would be interested in participating in marketing the album at  your church, please contact me here.  
Advertising materials for church bulletins and stage projectors are located here.

If you would like to donate more to the missions the album supports, you can do that at their individual sites, or use the button below in which case the donation will be divided equally between the three.  Or you could just buy more CD's and give them to people as a witnessing tool.  The money will still go to the missions.  Either way, Thank you!

The lyrics are here.  I encourage you to read them.