Not much tell, but here goes...

My life is pretty boring but very satisfying.  I live across the street from my folks in my little home town.  I am married to a loving wife.  I have a job that I enjoy.  I go to church and I tell people about Jesus, not because I must in order to meet some religious standard, but because of what He did for me.  I have nothing but gratitude and joy in the life I've been given.  My love of music and stories has always been with me for as long as I can remember, I just haven't had the time to share them until now. But now the time is right, and I am enjoying it immensely.  That's about all there is to me. 

Here's my biography through links...

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Here's what was written about me for my first show...   

"Joe Beeler wrote his first song at 15.  He will play his first concert and released his first CD at 40.  In the 25 years in between, he simply lived life.  In those 25 years, Joe has created a repertoire of songs that tell the stories of not only his friends and family, but also those of people from all different times, places and circumstances.  In the tradition of such artists as Tom Russell, John McCutcheon and Bill Morrissey, Joe’s first-person narrative songs peer into the joys, despairs and every-day lives of coal miners, factory workers, farmers, soldiers, businessmen and others from all walks of life and all periods of history.  Joe earned a degree in agriculture at the University of Tennessee and then took a job there as researcher.  He’s been married to his wife Jenny for 16 years and they live in Joe’s hometown of Plainview outside of Knoxville."

Here is a newspaper clip which I greatly appreciated...

““Junction City,” an 18-song collection released earlier this year, are an extension of Beeler’s faith, determination and love of life. They’re not always pretty songs, but life isn’t always pretty, as some of Joe’s favorite songwriters (Chris Knight, Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen) will be the first to tell you. But they are good songs. Fine songs, in fact, and his voice is rich and warm and perfect for telling stories in them." - Maryville daily Times

Here a concert review from the 2016 Wavetransform Festival...

Cyrus Williams, the host of the festival, introduced the next performer, folk balladeer Joe Beeler, as a singer who “paints the history of America.”
“If you listen closely you might hear your own history,” Williams said.  Accompanied by Julie Belanger Roy (violin, flute and vocals), Jonathan Maness (mandolin) and Yanic Bercier (drums), Beeler created a unique auditory experience. A key point in his performance was the song “Hooverville,” which tells the story of a day in the life of a Hooverville citizen during the Great Depression. Aided by a black and white slide show and Roy’s beautiful violin playing, the song came together to tell an amazing story of the shanty towns built by homeless people during the Depression. Joe Beeler is definitely a local artist to look out for. - University of Tennessee student Daily Beacon